Why Theamtic Teaching

Are Preschool Themes an effective way to teach?

 Recent brain research points out the significance of creating patterns and assisting   children in figuring out the connections to learn. Jane Healy, a child development expert   says. "I am increasingly convinced that patterns are the key to intelligence.  Patterning   information means really organizing and associating new information with the developed   mental hooks."

 A theme based curriculum model encourages children to form those patterns.  When all the   learning activities are connected around a single theme, children see how learning is inter-   connected.  (the preschool professor)

 All subjects are interconnected allowing the child to flow from one activity to the next and   better understand what is going on. For example, science is related to math and reading   and not a subject all on its own. Thematic teaching allows the child to learn through   interacitve play, exploration and planned activities allowing them to engage in complex   thinking.

 Themes should be:

  • Meaningful and relatable
  • Nurture curiosity
  • Age appropriate
  • Promote children´s knowledge and skills
  • Strengthen learning experiences

  At our kinder themes can last between 1-2 weeks based on children's interest and these are some of the examples we use: dinosaurs, jungle, emotions, five senses, letters, etc.